Caribbean Hotel Deals

The Tropical Getaway You’ve Been Waiting For

Families, couples and groups, from sun-seekers and nature lovers to eco adventurers, find paradise in every detail of Indura Beach & Golf Resort Curio Collection by Hilton. On a beautiful stretch of Caribbean coastline in Tela, Honduras, our vacation getaway offers an array of exhilarating experiences. When planning your next holiday in Honduras, enjoy exclusive perks and upgrades by taking advantage of our valuable hotel deals and vacation packages.


Wellness Package

Enjoy 2 days and nights pampering yourself, relaxing in the best Resort in Honduras and enjoying the unique sensorial experience of Maina Spa & Wellness with breakfast for 2 included.


Green Free Package

Stay 2 nights and 3 days in the unique Indura Beach & Golf Resort and enjoy playing on the best Golf course in Honduras. 2 Rounds of 18 holes included in package to relax in an exuberant environment. Breakfast for 2 included

Romantic Gateway Package

Time to celebrate a significant date, propose or just enjoy time together at the most romantic setting in the Caribbean.


Wellness Experience

Indulge yourself in a unique experience in the heart of the city of Tela. Relax with the howl of the monkeys and the tranquility of the lakes that surround our beautiful resort. In this place, you will find the perfect stay that, combined with a relaxation ritual, will elevate most of your senses.

Green Free Experience

In  the  heart  of  the  city  of  Tela,  in  the  middle  of  a  great  natural  beauty  environment,   you   will   find   Indura   Beach   and   Golf   Resort.   A   resort   surrounded  by  several  National  Parks  such  as  Jeannette  Kawas,  Punta  Izopo, and others. Our golf court is ranked among the 5 bests in the world, and  it  was  designed  by  the  South  African  Gary  Player,  considered  one  of  the 3 best players in history.

Romantic Getaway Experience

Delight yourself in the city of Tela and live the perfect romantic getaway. Surrounded by  National Parks such as Jeannette  Kawas and  Punta  Izopo,  you will discover unique species like the howler monkeys and more than 300 species of birds, while staying at the most romantic hotel in the Atlantis. Also,  you can enjoy different activities and relax at the hotel.